What is an Angel Investor/ Business Angel?

Business Angels are investors, who invest their own funds privately or via their own investment vehicle in startups. Typical angel investment range between €10.000 to €100.000 in one startup in the first round, with further investments in future rounds.

Is Angels4Health a venture company or fund?

Angels4Health are single individually investing Investors, not pooled in a fund. Each investor takes his/ her own investment decision on the here presented ventures. Usually business angels syndicate in venture investments, where huge sums are needed but still involve directly with the startup.

Is there a special stage startups have to be in for an investment?

Business Angels normally invest in startups of earlier stages from idea-stage to series A. Therefore it is never too early to start the dialog with us. The more progress you have already made – on product development, licensing, studies and phases, or even revenue, the more attractive the deal terms you will typically be able to obtain from angel investors.

How can startups speed up the process between application to funding?

Very often the process is delayed with the organisation and review of relevant documents during the due diligence process. Well-organized due diligence documents reflect well on your company and speed the review for investment.We strongly encourage you to review existing lists on relevant due diligence documents in the internet.

What is the regular investment sum per Angel Investor?

The invested amount by each investor depends on the individual investment structure of each member. Normally angel investors invest a sum in between €10.000 to €100.000 per venture.

Are there typical information that are necessary in the investors pitch deck?

For getting into contact with the Angels4Health we provide divers upload functionalities for your pitch information. Usually investment information exist of an onepager and/ or pitch-deck.
For an example of an one-pager we refer to the One Pager of BAND
A successful pitch deck usually contains between 10 – 15 slides with the following content:


Name/ Brand of your company and/ or product
Declare what your company does in a single sentence.


Describe your customer’s burning pain point.


Describe your product and explain why it makes the customer’s pain go away. Use examples.


Use both tops-down and bottoms-up. Segment and identify your sweet spot.


Explain how you are going to make money. Who are your costumers? How and why are they willing to pay at what price (if applicable). What are cour customer acquisition costs (if applicable)


Describe your sales distribution model.


List your achievements and current status
Describe future next steps
List current customers, partners and users, as well as your pipeline (if applicable).


List your competitors and describe your unique selling point and advantages. What makes the customers absolutely choose your product?


List your founders and describe their functionalities and their experiences/background. List your key management and advisors (if applicable)


Place the expected sum you would like to raise
Describe the areas, where the investment is supposed to bring value