JOIN US to benefit & support Angels4Health and get in contact with a broad network of Angel Investors.

Angels4Health is a member led non-profit organization committed to finding, funding and mentoring great young companies in the Life Sciences/ Healthcare sector from their first pitch through to a successful exit or further fundings from large venture capital companies.

Angels4Health operates throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The key advantages of a membership at the Angels4Health network are improving your deal flow, having colleagues to share due diligence and opinions, and distributing risk across a number of deals. It gets the involvement of a group of individuals whose networks and experience can be much more valuable than their seed capital.


Benefits of a membership

Angels4Health provides its members enhanced deal flow of startups, better due diligence through discussions in the network, and the negotiating power of indirectly pooling capital.


Network of highly experience Life Sciences/ Healthcare Angels

Investing alongside experienced angel investors enables the pooling of capital and aggregation of expertise from multiple industries and operational skills, resulting in more effective due diligence, terms negotiation and board stewardship. All investors  share the same principles of Angel Investment and aren’t a network of consultants, searching for new deals.


Quality deal flow

Our platform gives accredited members an early and continuous access to an active deal flow of life science startups. All accredited investors get the same access to the deal flow. Due to the structures of the network the dealflow is not screened beforehand nor was there a due dilligence in the presented startups.


Investment flexibility

Each member of the Angels4Health network invests on his own investment-focus and is not bound on any syndications. Each investor invests its own money and is well used to the rules and risks of early stage ventures. We are no fund or organised investment-vehicle.



Angels4Health members have access to a private platform with restricted access which ties networks, members and deal information together. The website contains all deal and member information. Members can also use the platform to get into contact with other members for questions of assessment or support.


Exchange of experience

Investing in seed stage startups is very risky. Angels4Health brings together at one place successful and experienced people in life science. By sharing their experiences and judgments, the assessment of potential companies is quicker and more accurate. The group also provides a casual forum for fellowship of like minded successful people.

Investment Process

1.Get direct and unscreened access to a huge dealflow of Life Sciences ventures

By becoming a member of Angels4Health you get exclusive access to a huge deal flow of life science investment opportunities. All presented startups are offered for investment to all members at the same time. On a regular basis you will receive One-Pager and/or Pitch-Decks of ready-to-invest startups.

2. Determine and communicate your investment interest

Once members are interested in a deeper screening of a startup, they inform all other members via the platform of the start of a further interest and a potential co-investment.

3. Get in contact with startup and with potential co-investors

Within a few weeks, members will have scheduled a follow up meeting with the venture and interested members to start deeper screening and due diligence.

4. Finalize the investment process on your own or together with other Angels

Angels4Health members invest directly and make individual investment decisions. Often syndicates of individual angels are formed for the purpose of evaluating the company, negotiating a set of terms, and executing an investment.